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John 7:53-8:11 - Adultery

We live in a sexually saturated society. Every place we look we face temptations. Divorce is as common as apple pie and Chevrolet. What are we to do in the wake of our sexual sin? How will God treat us when we fail beyond our wildest imaginations? In this message, we learn that Jesus is the best place we can turn in the face of sexual disaster.

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James 4:4 - Spiritual Adultery

I have performed a few weddings. I have yet to meet a bride that is not concerned about her wedding day. Some women join a gym to get into shape for their wedding night; others go on a crash diet. When it comes to the atmosphere, ceremony and dress; the bride is involved with everything. She wants that day to be perfect. Truth be told, while a fiancé wants his bride to look her best, one thing that can ruin the wedding more than anything else is a bride's infidelity before her wedding night. Nothing can fan the flames of white hot jealousy more than a two-timing bride. In James 4:4, we discover God can have those same jealous feelings over us. Join me in discovering how we can get God that angry?

James - Spiritual Adultery - Audio - MP3
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