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Genesis 15 - Doubt

Martin Luther is famous as a reformer and church leader. He is also remembered for a less flattering trait—doubt. At times doubts over God's character led Luther to intense times of depression where he wrote, "For more than a week I was close to the gates of death and hell. I trembled in all my members. Christ was wholly lost. I was shaken by desperation and blasphemy of God." It is comforting to know that even a man of Martin Luther's stature can experience times of doubt over how God can keep his word. In Genesis 15 Abram struggled with doubt when God appeared to have forgotten to keep his promises. In our study we learn how to face times of doubt in God's plans for our life.

Genesis 15 - Doubt - Quicktime and iPhone Audio - M4A
Genesis 15 - Doubt - Manuscript - PDF
Genesis 15 - Doubt - Sermon Handout - PDF
Genesis 15 - Doubt - Editable Sermon Notes - DOCX
Genesis 15 - Doubt - Life Group Work Sheet - PDF
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