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Genesis 22 - Obedience

Only hours after receiving the prestigious Crufts Rosette award for good behavior at a dog show, Eddie—an Akita, lunged at a nearby woman sinking his teeth into her knee cap and hand leaving her with serious injuries. His disobedience led to a costly lawsuit for his owners. While obedience can lead to honor, disobedience leads to disaster. As we continue our study of Genesis 22, we learn about the blessings of obeying God’s word in the life of Abraham, especially when it is a hard to do.

Genesis 22 - Obedience - Quicktime and iPhone Audio - M4A
Genesis 22 - Obedience - Manuscript - PDF
Genesis 22 - Obedience - Sermon Handout - PDF
Genesis 22 - Obedience - Editable Sermon Notes - DOCX
Genesis 22 - Obedience - Life Group Work Sheet - PDF
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