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Genesis 24 - Marriage

In 1970, 36 percent of Americans were single. Today 50.2 percent are single. People aren't getting married. it is easier to live together, sleep together and break up when things get difficult. Sex used to be reserved for marriage. Soon it became for those who were dating. Eventually it was for friends—with benefits. Craigslist and Tinder made anonymous sex possible so people don't even need to know one another. Where did it lead? Today, 40 percent of children go to bed without a father. A third of all children are born to unwed mothers. Those are the results of dating and marriage American-style. Clearly, it is not working. In Genesis 24, as we study the marriage of Isaac and Rebekah. We study what marriage looks like God-style. We learn the right choices we need to make and the guidance God promises to provide that will make dating and marriage a success.

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