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Genesis 26 - Sequel

Hollywood is famous for their sequels. There are seven rocky movies. There will soon be ten Star Wars movies. Everyone loves a good sequel. In Genesis 26, we find Isaac's life is a sequel of his father Abraham. He faces many of the same tests, temptations and conflicts as well as enjoys the same blessings. Isaac is only the first of a long line of men and women that live by faith. We are part of that line today. Join us as we learn to walk by faith as we face the same challenges as those who came before us.

Genesis 26 - Sequel - Quicktime and iPhone Audio - M4A
Genesis 26 - Sequel - Manuscript - PDF
Genesis 26 - Sequel - Sermon Handout - PDF
Genesis 26 - Sequel - Editable Sermon Notes - DOCX
Genesis 26 - Sequel - Life Group Work Sheet - PDF
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