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Doctrine - Christian Living

Pastors and Christian counselors are approached every week by people with problems. Some are struggling with an alcohol addiction, men are struggling with internet pornography, women are struggling with materialism. While everyone needs help, the real issue for these problems is much deeper. Most of our struggles come from worshiping the wrong thing! When we worship Christ, most of our problems fade away. Join Dr. Trucksess as we learn how what we worship determines how we live.

Doctrine - Christian Living - Audio - MP3
Doctrine - Christian Living - Quicktime and IPhone Audio - M4A
Doctrine - Christian Living - Manuscript - PDF
Doctrine - Christian Living - Sermon Handout - PDF
Doctrine - Christian Living - Small Group Work Sheet - PDF

Heaven - The Hope of Heaven

We spent a whole summer on Heaven. I am sure some of you wish we spent less time on heavenly realities and more time helping with earthly troubles. Surprisingly, the study of Heaven is a great help on earth. Join me as we learn the practical ways God changed us through this study.

Heaven - The Hope of Heaven - Audio - MP3
Heaven - The Hope of Heaven - Quicktime and IPhone Audio - M4A
Heaven - The Hope of Heaven - Manuscript - PDF
Heaven - The Hope of Heaven - Sermon Handout - PDF