Pushing Pins for Jesus - Email to Faith EFC Family

Dear Faith Family,

This past Sunday, in our sermon on Luke 15, I introduced our summer outreach program designed to introduce our friends and neighbors to the magnificent love God has for them! If you missed the message, click here to listen to the last 5 minutes of the message and learn about our plan to intentionally love those we often miss.

This week, I encourage you to continue prayerfully asking God to bring to mind the names of 3 people (or families) God desires you to intentionally build a friendship with so you can love them the way God does.

As God brings those friends to mind, remember to put white pins in our neighborhood map as a representation of your intentions to build bridges with friends and neighbors and love them the way Jesus does.

Through the summer, change the colors of the pins as we reach into the community.

  • White pins = a friend or neighbor God is prompting you to love and build a relationship with.
  • Blue pins = (replacing your white pin) I am building a relationship with those God brought to my mind.
  • Red pins = (replacing your blue pin) In that relationship, I had a chance to tell them how God loves them through Christ and my friend placed his/her trust in Him.

Join me as we reach into our community joyfully sharing with those around us the incredible seeking love of God, especially for those who don’t know him.

Because of God’s incredible grace,

Pastor Kurt