40 Bible Verses to Learn this Summer

As a freshman in high school, I traveled with Teen Missions, International to Switzerland. That was the summer I first sensed God giving me a desire to serve him full time. One of the most helpful parts of the summer was the Bible memory. I can still remember trying to memorize what felt like a Bible verse a day for the entire mission trip.

The verses I committed to heart are still with me, over 25 years later. I use them on a weekly basis in sermon preparation, counseling and my own personal walk with Christ.

As David, my oldest son, prepares for his freshman year in high school, I know one of the best ways I can help prepare him is to have him commit the same 40 verses to his heart. After some web searching, I found a list of the verses in KJV translation. I reformatted them into the New Living Translation and created a set of memory card.

Note: The format of these cards is intended for double-sided printing.

40 Verses to Learn in the Summer - NIV Translation

I hope others are able to use these cards to help their children memorize these key verses.
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