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James - Practical Christianity -
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James - Practical Christianity
Spring and Summer 2011
James - Practical Christianity - PDF
James - Practical Christianity- iBook

There is no more Christ exalting book than Revelation. Christmas from the Book of Revelation reveals why the Lamb of God is the never-ending focus of worship. It explains why history can only be culminated by Christ. Along the way, we discover why God gave us passions for sports and what they teach us about worship.

Each message begins with interpretive grids for understanding this complex book. Like Benjamin Franklin glasses from the movie, “National Treasure,” these grids help us to see what God wants us to know.

Christmas from the Book of Revelation
Winter 2010
Christmas from the Book of Revelation- PDF
Christmas from the Book of Revelation- iBook

Are there rational reasons to trust the Bible is the Word of God? In
Reasons to Believe Your Bible, we learn Christians aren’t expected to check their brains at the door. Rather, our mind should feed our faith.

Using logic, history and science, these messages explore rational reasons to trust the Bible as the Word of God.

This series also includes
Small Group Work Sheets for group discussion with each message.

Reasons to Believe Your Bible
January-February 2011
Reasons to Believe Your Bible - PDF
Reasons to Believe Your Bible- iBook

Doctrine - What Do We Believe?, Pastor Kurt Trucksess teaches eleven basics of the Christian faith as articulated by the 2008 revision of the Evangelical Free Church Statement of Faith.

Doctrine series is guaranteed to challenge your heart and your mind. While rich in theology, using a no-holds-barred teaching style seasoned with stories and humor, Kurt will keep you engaged while you learn the basics of the faith.

Doctrine - What Do We Believe?
Fall 2010
Doctrine - PDF
Doctrine - iBook

Designed to help pastors preach the book of Hebrews, this resource is 350 pages of preaching notes for the book of Hebrews.

The goal of the series is to connect Hebrews to our culture and show the greatness of Christ over all things in ancient and modern.

Hebrews - Fix Your Eyes on Jesus
2009- 2010
Hebrews - PDF

The Mysteries of Heaven, Pastor Kurt Trucksess brings clarity to mysteries beyond the grave.

It is practical teaching that paints a captivating picture of heaven, motivates us to live for things of eternal value, and casts a vision of the glory that await God’s children when their life’s work is complete.

The Mysteries of Heaven
Summer 2010
Mysteries of Heaven - PDF
Mysteries of Heaven - iBook

One of the little known themes of the incarnation is the depth Jesus identified with ordinary people. In this series, we explore the real life problems surrounding Christ's birth.

Jesus understands ordinary people facing real life problems. He faced them himself.

An Ordinary Christmas
Christmas 2009
An Ordinary Christmas - PDF

Using the backdrop of the Christmas story, learn about the unseen world of angels and demons and their role in our daily lives.

The unseen world is more real than many of us realize.

The Angels of Christmas
Christmas 2008
The Angels of Christmas - PDF

Money is a difficult topic for most pastors to teach on. This series was preached before a special one time offering was received at Faith Evangelical Free Church to retire a $270,000 church mortgage. Did we make it?

Download the series to discover the answer.

Buried Treasure
Summer 2008
Buried Treasure - PDF