What do you want for Christmas?

Welcome to the Christmas season! Has anyone asked you what you want for Christmas? If you are like me, you shrug your shoulders because nothing comes to mind that you need?

I have a suggestion for a few good gifts, books! The Christmas season is a great time to build your Bible study library. Here are some of my favorites with Amazon web links.

Amazon.com: Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine (0025986286705): Wayne Grudem: Books

This sounds like a boring book, trust me, it isn’t! Wayne has a unique ability to take God’s Word and connect it to real life. It is very readable. Chapters include:
-How do we know the Bible is God’s Word?
-Are there any errors in the Bible?
-How can we know God exists?
-Why did God create two sexes?
-What does it mean to be born again?
-What happens to our bodies and souls when we die?

Amazon.com: Money, Possessions, and Eternity (9780842353601): Randy Alcorn: Books

Randy Alcorn is another amazing author who is not afraid to challenge our thinking about the Christians life and our possessions. This book will leave you re-examining money in light of eternity. It is not designed to leave you feeling guilty but teaches you how to invest for heaven.

Amazon.com: If God Is Good: Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil (9781601421326): Randy Alcorn: Books

I must admit, I haven’t read this book. If it is anything like his previous works, we won't be disappointed. Chapter titles include:
-God allows and restrains evil and suffering.
-Why does God allow suffering?
-How to find help in dark times.
-The God who can bring good out of bad.

Amazon.com: Heaven (9780842379427): Randy Alcorn: Books

American Christians are focused on making earth into heaven. The Bible tells us not to fix our affections on this world but with the eyes of faith to live for the next. Randy poses thought provoking questions about heaven and eternity. Your gaze will lift from our earthly problems to live for our heavenly home.

Amazon.com: Church History in Plain Language: Third Edition (9780718025533): Dr. Bruce L. Shelley: Books

There are numerous church history books in print but this is one of the few you read and have a hard time putting down. Shelley breaks church history into bite sized chunks and writes with the skill of a novelist. If you have wondered how we moved from the first century Christianity to today, this is the book for you.

Amazon.com: The Grand Demonstration: A Bibical Study of the So-Called Problem of Evil (9781889032023): Jay Edward Adams: Books

Of all the recommendations in my book list, this is probably the hardest book to acquire. It is not thick and can be read in one or two sittings. With simple and clear communication, Jay Adams pulls back the curtain on the existence of evil. I highly recommend this book which is written from a reformed perspective.

Amazon.com: The Incomparable Christ (9780830832224): John R. W. Stott: Books

While this book was born from an academic series of lectures, it is comprehensible for all of us. The great contribution of the book is to demonstrate the centrality of Christ in the Old Testament, New Testament and into the future. Reading this book will lead you to understand why “Christ is the hinge upon which the entire Bible turns”.

Logos Bible Software - Bible Study has never been easier!

While I use traditional books, my greatest resources are found on my computer. Logos Bible study software puts excellent books at my disposal that are searchable, portable and economical. If you are not using Bible study software, I encourage you to at least give the base Logos package a try. Logos is available for either PC or Mac.

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