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Genesis 6:1-8:19 - Flood

Most children learned this story growing up. Some of us even played with the Fisher Price toy set when we were kids. It is Noah and the Ark. It was a story we learned as children but it isn't a story for children. It is a true story of the most global cataclysmic disaster to hit the planet. As a result millions of people died a gruesome death…. all because of sin. Join us as we learn the story of God's awesome judgment is not just thing of the past but each of us will face it in the future. The only way to escape that judgment is through the ark of Jesus.

Genesis 6:1-8:19 - Flood - Quicktime and iPhone Audio - M4A
Genesis 6:1-8:19 - Flood - Manuscript - PDF
Genesis 6:1-8:19 - Flood - Sermon Handout - PDF
Genesis 6:1-8:19 - Flood - Editable Sermon Notes - DOCX
Genesis 6:1-8:19 - Flood - Life Group Work Sheet - PDF
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